iGEM 2020!

iGEM 2020: An exceptional year

This is not a normal year. Together, we are facing the biggest pandemic in the past 100 years. Based on your feedback, we are adapting the iGEM experience - we have examined each part of the competition to make it even better this year. This is iGEM in the time of a pandemic. It will be different but it will be worth it.

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Featured Part

Uppsala Chromoprotein Collection

Group: Team Uppsala

The 2011 Uppsala iGEM team centered their iGEM project around a library of reporter proteins with a focus on chromoproteins. The 2012 and 2013 teams, while having very different projects, continued the previous years' work alongside their projects.

This has resulted in a large collection of chromoproteins, with sequence confirmed samples, that can also be found in the yearly distribution kits.

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